Aluminium strips for transformers winding

Aluminum strips for electrical transfomers winding

.Alloy:1050,1060,1070     .Temper:O

.Thickness:0.2-2.0mm      .Width:10-1200mm

.Inner Diameter:300mm,400mm,500mm

.Resistivity at 20 degree centigrade:Less than 0.02825Ω.Mm/m

.Edges:Edges are Deburring

aluminium strips for transformer winding

Copper Strips for Transformers Winding

1.we also supply copper strips for foil transfomer,and its conductivity may reach 98% I.A.C.S at least

2.The company can manufacture the strip and plate of Nickel-copper alloy

3.we can provide our customer with all kinds of copper strips and plates according to the standards of JIS,ASTM DIN,BIS & ISO

copper strips for transformer winding