China xidian successfully developed 110 kv large capacity transformer

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China xidian successfully developed 110 kv large capacity transformer(transformer coil) three-phase generator


On June 24th, enterprise xidian xidian belong to west China into the Yellow River delta (binzhou) heating power co., LTD. Of the 110 kv and 420 mva transformer(transformer coil) three-phase generator one-time through the experiment, every performance meet or exceed national standards and the requirements of technical agreement.This is by far xidian west become successful development of 110 kv voltage class largest three-phase generator transformer(transformer coil) capacity, for the development of larger capacity of high impedance transformer(transformer coil) accumulated valuable data and experience.


    xidian design personnel to current generator transformer(transformer coil) in the west and double layer structure of transformer(transformer coil) development experience, application in the field of the transformer(transformer coil) design, improve and perfect the design, research on special technology research.Successively for a 110 kv three-phase power high impedance, high leakage, high current case studies to reduce losses, low pressure double structure research, three-phase power modulator structure arrangement study, 110 kv level large current switch and regulating tapped to lead the research of structure arrangement.


    For the high impedance transformer(transformer coil), magnetic flux leakage is big, the characteristics of large current, low dissipation, designers use low pressure double structure technology integration for the first time in 110 kv products, through optimizing electrical, structure scheme, meet the requirements of the product performance parameters.


    The product technology has a broad market prospect, and adapted to the 220 kv, 330 kv voltage grade products such as impedance, capacity increases, the rise in the Numbers of market demand, effectively improved the xidian west market competition strength.