It is safe to how far people from transformer?

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It is safe to how far people from transformer?


    The voltage transformer, are mainly used for change.Without it, in power plant electrical residents.Ordinary people exactly how far away from the transformer is safe?Don't try so hard.Let's look at the classification of the transformer.Ordinary people often see should be under 10-35 kv distribution transformer, generally for 10 kv or 0.4 kv.


    They can be divided into the form of the insulation: oil-immersed transformer, dry type transformer and transformer gas.

From the outside can't see the internal structure of the coil, general is oil-immersed transformers.

This kind of transformer is flammable, main arrangement in outdoor.If you see it on fire, don't save water, and a professional should cover fire with dry sand, make the fire goes out;As the fire outside, transformer without damage, the available carbon dioxide, 1211, dry powder fire extinguisher.People who want to stand in the electrified equipment 2 metres away.


    From the outside can see the internal coil structure, usually dry type transformer.This kind of transformer noise is small, the main arrangement in urban district of substations.But guide for many is bare, non-professional staff, don't come into the transformer room.


    Gas transformer high safety coefficient, the cost is higher also, currently imports basic, important users, used only in general is not common.