ABB transformer power global biggest wind power generator sa

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ABB transformer power global biggest wind power generator safe operation


The world's leading power and automation technology group, ABB will provide the Irish sea wall, offshore wind farm wind turbines equipped with 40 sets of special transformer.These by mitsubishi heavy industries vestas offshore wind power company production of a single wind turbine installed capacity up to 8 mw, is the world's largest wind power generators.


These special transformer will be used in Cornwall, the offshore wind farm expansion project, the project is located in the coast of England cumbria wall, about 19 km west of island.In addition to the transformer, ABB will also provide high voltage cable systems, Cornwall, expansion projects production of electricity to the inland.At the end of 2014, ABB was also for the Irish sea BurboBank offshore wind farm expansion projects of similar turbines provides 32 special transformer.

After the expansion, theo, offshore wind farm power generation capacity will increase on the basis of the current 367 mw, 660 mw, provide clean electricity for more than 800000 British family.


ABB provides the capacity of the 9.7 million volt ampere 34 kv transformer as well as the accompanying low voltage products will be installed in the tower of wind turbines.In the Marine environment, product quality and reliability is very important.Customized design special ABB wind power transformer USES the most advanced materials and components, to satisfy the most demanding electrical and mechanical requirements, fully adapted to the working environment of sea.At the same time, the transformer has a vibration, prevent short circuit, the characteristics of compact structure, its weight is 30% lighter than the similar standard of transformer.


ABB power grid division President qin fang said: "these special transformer can meet the power the specific application requirements, the strongest wind turbines is ABB display technology innovation strength and help customers to create value. We are glad to promote more renewable energy grid, which is ABB group" new stage "strategy of one of the key areas."


ABB provides a full range and reliable, durable, efficient power transformer and distribution transformer.As one of the maintransformer manufacturer, ABB, at the same time supply liquid and dry type transformer, and the transformer can offer the parts to replace the whole life cycle of the support.


ABB is the world's leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, is committed to helping the electric power, industry, transportation and infrastructure in areas such as customers, improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment.ABB group business all over the world nearly 100 countries, with 135000 employees.ABB in China has a research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, such as a full range of business activities, 18000 employees, with 40 local companies and 147 cities across the country sales and service network.