Copper Strips for Transformers Winding

1.we also supply copper strips for foil transfomer,and its conductivity may reach 98% I.A.C.S at least

2.The company can manufacture the strip and plate of Nickel-copper alloy

3.we can provide our customer with all kinds of copper strips and plates according to the standards of JIS,ASTM DIN,BIS & ISO

copper strips for transformer winding

Electric insulator

1.Material:Bulk molding compound,unsaturaced polyester.

2.Nut inserts:Brass,various specifications are abailable

3.Test specifications:JIS C3801 and JIS C3851

4.Color:Dark brown or dark red

5.Dimension and characteristics

transformer insulator

Insulation Crepe Tubing

.Made of insulation crepe paper P 5238 according to Din 6740. Direction of creping is transverse. Only the edge of outer layer is glued. These tubes have extremely good compatibility with liquid di-electrics. Insulation class A (105℃) in accordance with VDE 0530,Part1

crepe paper tubing

Rib Spacings

Spacers Type  PSP 3025 in accordance with DIN 7733

                     B 3.1   in accordance with IEC 641-1

.100% sulphate wood pulp


.High purity and mechanical strength

.Low shrinkage and compressibility

.Good compatibility with liquid dielectrics

.Insulation class A (105℃)in accordance with VDE 0530,Part 1

duct spacing

Diamond Pattern Paper

Material Name:

Diamond Pattern Paper, Diamond Dotted Insulating Presspaper, Diamond Dotted paper, DDP, Double Sided Dimaond Pattern Paper, DDPP, DPRCP, Diamond Pattern Resin Coated Paper,Varnished Paper Epoxy Adhesive Diamond Paper,Etc.

diamond dotted paper

Transformer Cardboard

It is made of 100% sulfate wood pulp, mainly applicable to electric cardboard for insulation and its components such as motor, electric apparatus, meter, switch, transformer, etc.

Thickness of 0.8-20.0mm.
Mainly in pallet package.
Weight: 500 or 1000kgs/pallets

transformer  Cardboard

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving


Acrylic-F fiberglass sleeving is a Class 155°C electrical insulation,manufactured by impregnating and coating a finely braided fiberglass
sleeving with a dielectric film of acrylic resin. Acrylic-F sleeving is recommended as a universal coated sleeving for all thermal requirements
from Class 105°C through Class 155°C.

Acrylic Fiberglass Sleeving

Corrugated Wall Panels

Transformer corrugated wall panels (Corrugated fin) are used

in distribution transformers.

This made up of cold-rolled steel plate  ranging from 1. 2 to 1. 6mm

thickness. The width of the panel varies (fan wall) from 400 to 1600 mm

and the height of the fin varies from 50 t 400 mm. The oil channel

is from 6-8mm. the fin pitch from 40mm to 80mm,Edge Rear based

on Customer’s requirements.


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